A Fourth of July Poem About GRATITUDE

To Everyone on this 4th of July, I hope you enjoy your holiday. I hope that you get to use this time off to really have fun, recharge, relax, eat. That is vital and important!

While you pause, I hope in the midst of that you can take time for appreciation and gratitude…. for friends, for family, for love in your life, for kids, for health, wealth, whatever it might be! BE GRATEFUL.

And then, take a moment to appreciate everyone who came before you in your family and in your community. Take a moment to honor the sacrifices of men and women, who gave their time, money, freedom, or lives to get you to where you are today. They are women and men of your family OR from your community who sacrificed so that you could live better than they did. BE GRATEFUL.

Each of them had moments in their own lives when they felt hopeless, when their backs were against the wall. They were Native American, Black, Latino, Women, Gay, Transgender, in poverty, etc. Some of them were exploited, evicted, beaten, deported, tortured, imprisoned, raped, abused, enslaved, etc. They had hopes for a better future, for us to not have the same struggles. They are the real shapers of this country. BE GRATEFUL.

While parts of that past may be sad, and while you continue to struggle, and while this country continues to be flawed… remember those who came before and carried on. BE GRATEFUL.

Remember that message, as you go through your own individual struggles. Remember that message when see all the pain and ills of the world. Remember that you are not alone! Continue to fight, as did your ancestors and loved ones! You are a apart of an army of ancestors who have your back. You are amazing. You are a miracle. You are loved. BE GRATEFUL.

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