Listen to my Podcast Interview!!

WOOHOO!!! I’ve been featured on an AMAZING podcast!!! I was being interviewed about various obstacles in my life I’ve overcome AND my coaching business!!!

So blessed!!! Stephanie has this wonderful podcast, spotlighting women 35 and up, who are thriving! I’m so honored to have been interviewed!! I have 3 years to go, but she made an exception for me lol. Click here for more information about how to listen to mine and then to sign up for them!

This is my story. There’s pain, there’s struggle, but there’s resilience and strength! And, so I hope you enjoy!

Oakland Rising With Ayana Labossiere

Oakland Rising With Ayana Labossiere


Check out more about about Stephanie and her amazing fitness + wellness company here, Go Wow Living (the group I also run with on Sundays .)

AND… I’m co-hosting ย few episodes of the podcast too!

Check out my FB page: Thrive & Be Whole!

Go Wow Living:

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