A Healing Letter to White People who Voted for Trump (or Wanted to)

I was going to post something about working out in the morning, and supporting your kids with workouts, but I–like many other people–and still in shock after everything that’s been going on this weekend, so instead I want to speak directly to Trump supporters.

I have never been shy about my politics, and so this will not be that time. As a self-care practitioner, I can’t hep but always think about what is under the surface.

I want to appeal to your humanity. As human beings, we have the power to grow, change, and evolve. I truly believe that, and I believe that of all people. BUT, the only way ANY OF US change is by admitting what our struggles are and being HONEST with ourselves. I do it everyday as a Health Coach, mom, wife, friend, activist, etc.

Michael Moore said last night that if you voted for Trump, you are racist. I agree. There is no way to separate a person from the racist ideals and ideology they’ve spouted. If I know someone has said something offensive about one group of people, and I continue to support them, I am tacitly signing off on their bad behavior. I am saying it’s okay.

Now, many will feel uncomfortable with this message, because admitting you feel prejudice in your heart is a cardinal sin in this country. BUT, I have gone through my own transformations and blossomed into a much better human, when I admit where I struggle and am honest with myself.

It’s the only way towards personal healing, it’s the only way towards societal healing. You have more power than you think you do. You are a change agent, just like I am. The times for sitting back on the fence are over. And just like Michael Moore said, THERE IS REDEMPTION.

The first step is to listen. Listen to those marginalized groups that are upset. Logic dictates that if many people from another group are all telling you something, you should listen.
Logic dictates that if you aren’t apart of the group, you don’t know their experience 100%.

As a teacher and a mom, I’m sorry that our education system failed you. You don’t know that it has, but is has. It has failed you, just like it has failed us. The impact is different for people of color, but you suffer as well and just don’t know it. You don’t know the stories of anyone but yourselves, and as a result you’ve grown up suspicious, fearful, and concerned about those who don’t look like you. There were many things I didn’t learn about my own Blackness until college, after all!

This is a critical time. Many of us have looked back on the rise of Facism and Nazis during WWII and have asked ourselves how so many “average, everyday” people could support such atrocities. We are in that moment now. It’s happening now. It starts off slowly, with people erroneously blaming specific groups of people for their problems.

BUT, THERE IS REDEMPTION. That doesn’t have to be your fate. Listen. And learn.

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