9 Journal Questions that Lead to Genuine Forgiveness!

We all have relationships. A huge part of us being healthy, happy, and fulfilled involves taking care of the relationships we have, and nurturing our communities.

Every relationship has conflict, issues, and disagreements! We are humans after all, and imperfect!

When you find yourself in conflict with someone you want to stay connected to, use these journal questions to help you sort out how you feel about the situation, and take empowered action to make it better. Often times, when we are upset in our relationships, we have a tendency to feel really victimized. But, you have more power than you think!

Read the following questions, and answer them to help you sort through your emotions,  and find empowerment. You can answer them in your mind, but you might gain more from writing it down (They are written in first person for you.)


  1. What is bothering me / stressing me out about my interactions with this person?
  2. How do these negative interactions make me feel, and why?
  3. What insecurities do these interactions trigger in me? (Or How do my insecurities get triggered around this person?)
  4. What do these negative interactions teach me about myself?
  5. I am taking responsibility for the following in this situation:
  6. What I love and appreciate about this person is…
  7. I really value this relationship because…
  8. Ideally, this is how I would like to show up in my relationship with this person:
  9. One small concrete action I can take to make this situation better is…

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