Ayana Labossiere Burks is a Health & Wellness Coach, providing self-care strategies to overwhelmed and underserved people. She speaks to groups, does trainings, and provides individual coaching, to help people more fulfilling and balanced lives.

Ayana believes very strongly in helping others.  Her resume reflects that. She has over 7 years of teaching and case management experience, where she has worked to help struggling students be successful. She is a community organizer, a wife, mother, and has been a caregiver to her mother for over 10 years.

She has a Health Coaching Certification from Health Coaching Institute, a B.A. in Comparative Ethnic Studies from Columbia University, and an M.S. in Special Education from San Francisco State University.

Ayana started Thrive & Be Whole, after she got engaged and became a mom, because she realized how important regular self-care is for her own survival. She also realized how many people in our society are being encouraged to burn out. Helping others has always been her passion!

“Being a mom, a caregiver for my mom, and a public school teacher really burned me out. Over the past few years, I’ve become an expert in the art of OVERdoing! I started getting sick a lot, and finally wound up in the hospital for a day, and out of work for 2 weeks! It forced me to find ways to take care of myself. I believe that our society encourages us to overdo, and so I now teach people how to find balance and peace, so we can all continue to positively impact our world.”

She also believes very strongly that our mental health is heavily impacted by our society and the many layers of our identity (i.e. our work/life balance, our income level, our race, gender, sexuality, immigration status, etc.) In order to effectively deal with our deepest struggles, we have to go deeper place.

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, and taking her babies on long walks. She loves going out to concerts and anywhere where you can dance and eat!

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